Working Man’s Retriever DVD Series

We are pleased to announce the release of two new videos in The Working Man’s Retriever Series: Gun Dog Obedience, Part 1: Essential Skills for a Solid Foundation and  Gun Dog Obedience, Part 2: Advanced Skills for the Field. In addition, we are re-releasing Volume 4 of The Working Man’s Retriever Series: The Conditioned Retrieve into a new 2-part series.


In all four videos, professional gun dog trainer Dan Hosford offers training so detailed, it’s like he’s beside you through every step of the program. Using inexperienced dogs, he shows the exact techniques, including troubleshooting tips for when the dog doesn’t respond correctly. These videos engage you in the training; they are not armchair training tools. Dan developed the series with the intention that other “working men” like him would have access to high-quality training at a fraction of the cost of working privately with a  professional.


After picking a promising puppy, Dan recognizes obedience as the first step in developing a high-quality gun dog. Obedience lays the foundation for all the other training to come–marking, gun introduction, upland hunting, conditioning and more. Volume 2, completely dedicated to nearly 6 hours of obedience training, takes you from the basic skills, necessary for any well-behaved pup, to the advanced, which are required for successful performance in the field.


Specifically in Part 1 of Gun Dog Obedience: Essential Skills for a Solid Foundation, you’ll learn how to keep your dog safe and within your control. Dan demonstrates how to teach your dog to sit, heel, stay, load into a crate, properly use a lead, and praise and reward your dog–all without the use of food rewards.


Part 2 of Gun Dog Obedience: Advanced Skills for the Field builds on the elemental skills you learned in Part 1. Dan shows you how to get your dog to walk-through sit, finish to heel, recall to heel, lie down, load into a boat, work off lead, and heel on both the left and right.


When it comes to creating a secure training environment for your dog, many gun dog owners find electric fences for dogs to be an effective option. While not covered in this specific video series, electric fences can provide a reliable containment system for your dog, ensuring their safety and preventing them from straying into unwanted areas. If you're interested in exploring electric fences for dogs or seeking guidance on how to integrate them into your training routine, feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.